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Wunderlist using discreet graphic card on a mac

Wunderlist is an amazing GTD program, unfortunately it has one problem – it uses discreet graphics card on my mac which results in a poor battery life. The problem is in: /Applications/ This: <key>NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching</key> <string>YES</string> Should be replaced with: <key>NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching</key> <true/> Unfortunately the app does not start after making a change due to AppStore sandboxing/code […]

Handling large connection/second rates on Amazon EC2

Some people say Amazon EC2 aka “the Cloud” is the answer to every technical problem one can have. Just add more servers and things will go faster, unfortunately this is not always true on Amazon EC2. Part of our EC2 infrastructure is responsible for handling about 2500/requests/s on average, this requests are very small and […]

KVM performance “qcow2” vs “raw”, “ide” vs “virtio”

I just got a new server for private use and needed to put some virtual machines, I decided to go with KVM as it seems it will be supported longer than XEN Of course regardless of virtualization platform the decision has to be made – how to store Virtual Disks? KVM wiki suggests that qcow2 […]

How badly debian/ubunutu openssl is fscked up?

Executive Summary: BADLY! At first I want to admit that this test may be silly but is fast and simple All test were done on my Lenovo Z61p running recent Fedora9 – debian openssl was compiled from source So, how to test what commenting out one line in openssl code changes? Let’s generate some random […]

Ubuntu Feisty – slightly better setup

After my opensuse Factory install crashed last week I deceided to try something new and installed Ubuntu feisty on my private laptop. XFS Strange thing but grub which is shipped with ubuntu can not boot system from XFS partition. So far I had not investigated a problem and I am booting system with LILO. KDE First thing was to deinstall all gnome apps ( leaving only openofice )  then using metapackage I installed kde. I do not know why all big distributions are sticking to gnome and most users still use KDE. BOOTING Booting process in ubuntu […]


Yesterday i have listened to very interesting presentation that featured  .NET and the compatible open source version – MONO I was impressed with the tools used – Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Web Developer are pretty fast and easy to use ( unlike Vista ;-). Comparing to eclipse they were really fast. Mono aims to be 100% compatible with .NET compiles C#, Java, boo and other languages to bytecode that is run with mono. Same compiled code can be run on windows/linux/MacOS/etc.  Also windows forms can be […]